Hormones and Thyroid

There are many times when bio-identical hormones are very helpful.

In chronic diseases, production of the active thyroid hormone, T3,  is impaired due to a variety of factors. Addition of T3 as prescription can greatly improve healing in many chronic illnesses. In heart disease, treating low thyroid improves survival. Low thyroid function is the cause of low body temperature. If average temperature is below 98.0, then all metabolic functions are slowed. This includes infection fighting by white blood cells. Increase of body temperature to 100 speeds up white blood cell rate by 6 times. Conversely drop in body temperature slows white cell function. In chronic infections, addition of T3 improves immune function and can reduce the need for antibiotics.

For folks with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, treatment with T3 slows TSH stimulation of the thyroid gland and reduces immune system attack. In this way T3 can stop inflammation of Hashimoto’s and is one of the most effective Hashimoto’s treatments.

One of the main problems with onset of menopause is difficulty sleeping. Sleep is very important for brain, immune, endocrine, and heart health. Progesterone can be anti-inflammatory and because it is bio-identical is safer for sleep than other medications. Progesterone also benefits bone mineral density.

Some men experience andropause with a drop in energy level. Testosterone can be helpful for this.