Here are some handouts I often provide to patients. Feel free to read or print these. (Use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page.)

Resources for healthy eating and reducing dietary starches: Healthy eating, carb counting, Food is medicine. This last handout was written as summary of beneficial eating during chemotherapy treatment.

Resources on detoxification: Castor Oil Pack  Instructions. These are great for detox, infection, inflammation, pain, and relaxation. Warming socks and gloves this technique is a version of hydrotherapy that’s very do-able at home. It is excellent to try the first day of any flu-like illness. Herbs for liver support and detoxification include milk thistle and curcumin (aka turmeric). Epsom salt soaks: epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt turns our skin into an organ of detoxification. Put epsom salt in comfortably hot water for a foot soak (1/4 to 3/4 cup epsom salt) or in a bathtub (1/2 to 3 cups epsom salt). Soak until the water goes from hot to luke warm. Rinse the salt off you skin when done.  The magnesium is also a muscle relaxant, so many folks find an evening epsom salt soak helps with sleep and relaxation.

Tips for colds and flus:  There are several nice antiviral herbs. Elderberry prevents flu virus from being able to infect cells. Use of elderberry syrup daily through the cold and flu season is a case where science validates traditional practice. Elderberry is excellent for prevention, but once we have symptoms it doesn’t help. Some other anti-viral herbs are Baikal, Licorice, Japanese knotweed, and Ceanothus. Antiviral supplements include vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc. Baseline dose of vitamin D is 2,000 iu per day for those older than 2. Many adults benefit from 5,000 iu of D per day through the flu season. Vitamin A taper can be very helpful at nipping flu symptoms in the bud. This is not safe during pregnancy. For non-pregnant adults – at the very first sign of flu symptoms take 125,000 iu vitamin A, the next day take 100,000 iu of A, 3rd day take 75,000 iu of A, 4th day take 50,000 iu Vitamin A, then the last day take 25,000 iu of vitamin A. The baseline dose of vitamin A for adults is 8 to 10,000 iu per day; this dose is safe during pregnancy.  Daily dose of zinc is 15 to 30 mg. During colds or flu zinc lozenges can be helpful. Zinc is dosed until it tastes metallic, this can be as much as 60 mg of zinc per day.  Other immune supportive practices are dry skin brushing and ending showers with cool water: Immune Home Care 

Information for IV patients:  Please read our policy on scents before you arrive.