Contact Us

We love snail mail and phone calls! Our answering machine is on during the week. If you have trouble reaching us on the phone during the business day it is because we are on the phone with another patient. If you have set up your patient portal in the “CHARM” electronic health records with Dr Honeyman, you can send 5 messages through “CHARM” between visits.

Send-out lab test results return to Dr Honeyman’s office by US mail. This includes heavy metal urine tests (Drs Data Lab) and food allergy tests (US Biotek Lab). Since Fall 2020, US mail service has been slower than normal. Please allow 4 weeks for results.

Please note: appointments are scheduled (and questions answered) only  by phone, 541-754-6323, or during a scheduled visit.

Dr Honeyman will be out of town March 28 – April 3, 2024.

Our contact information is:

phone: 541-754-6323

mailing address: 1368 NW Lincoln Ave, Corvallis, Oregon 97330