Supplements and Herbs

If you are spending the money and taking the time to take supplements, you want good quality. If you purchase products on the internet, I recommend these sites:,, In addition Metagenics has set up an online store for my patients.

Please do not purchase supplements on Amazon. Manufacturers will not guarantee them, as there are vendors who sell counterfeit or past dated nutritional supplements through Amazon.

Dr. Honeyman has a pharmacy of more than 50 single herb tinctures and makes custom botanical mixes for her patients. These include herbs for heart and blood pressure, adrenal support, UTI’s, respiratory infections, liver, immune or blood sugar support.  Lyme patients often ask about herbs. Regarding botanical antibiotics: we keep Alchornea, Cryptolepis, and Sida acuta in stock. Dr Honeyman mixes these in proportion with the organism being treated and other system support the patient may need.

A word regarding essential oils: These are very powerful, extremely concentrated combinations of chemical plant constituents. Taken internally, any essential oil can be toxic to liver, kidneys, GI tract. If you choose to use essential oils internally, please do so under the care of a certified aromatherapist. I have seen patients with significant neurological deficits caused by ingestion of essential oils.