fee for service

This is a fee for service clinic. If you get a service, there will be a fee.
Dr Honeyman’s office does not bill medical insurance companies. Medicare does not cover Naturopathic physicians, we can no longer accept work comp claims or auto accident claims.
The lower “time of service fee,” must be paid the same day of your visit. We will provide you with the paid invoice you can send to your insurance. You may need to call your insurance to see how they want you to submit for reimbursement. WE WILL NOT bill your insurance, or answer your insurance company’s request for more information. If your insurance informs you the diagnosis code needs “correction” we will provide you with a corrected invoice.
We have chosen to lower our fees below the Oregon Relative Value schedule because we do not bill insurance companies. Billing insurance companies costs patients more money because Dr Honeyman is out of network.* We regret the insurance industry has made it so difficult to provide medical care for our patients. Naturopathic physicians (ND’S) are generally considered out of network providers. Some insurance companies offer ND contracts at reduced fees; this limits our ability to provide quality health care.
Phone visits are not billable to insurance, at the end of your phone visit, please give Dr Honeyman a credit card number for payment of the visit.
For health savings account or similar accounts, we will provide you with a receipt in the form of a paid invoice. We do not itemize the supplements. You can request a “Rx for supplements” form from us that you fill out and Dr Honeyman will sign. This is only for supplements you purchase from this office. The “Rx for supplements” form signed by Dr Honeyman with your invoice is all we will provide. We will not fill out any additional forms.
If you need referral to other health care provider(s) Dr Honeyman will write a summary letter and arrange for appropriate labs and chart notes to be sent. There will be charges for this service.
We do not fill out any insurance or prior authorization forms. If you insist, and Dr Honeyman agrees to fill out any insurance paperwork, you will be charged.