fees, etc.

◊ New patient appointments are $350 – $450 ** and are scheduled for 2 hours with the doctor.
◊ Followup visits are $110 – 150 ** and are scheduled for 45 minutes.
◊ Blood draw, lab fees, therapy modalities, supplements, and herbs are in addition to the above fees.
◊  Phone visits are scheduled and charged based on the amount of time and complexity
◊  Unscheduled phone consults between your scheduled visits will be charged based on time and complexity.
◊  We charge for missed appointments or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.
◊  Your bill is your responsibility. You may pay your bill with cash, check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
◊  Payment in full is due at the end of your visit, unless other arrangements are made.
◊  Finance charges are 2% monthly ($8 minimum monthly) for all bills unpaid 30 days after receipt of the service. Bills will incur an additional $10 rebilling fee per monthly billing cycle.
◊  All lab fees, nutritional supplements, and herbs will be paid when you receive them. No other arrangements for payment will be made with these supplies.
◊  There is a no scents or fragrance policy at this office. Please do not come here using any colognes, perfumes, scented products for hair, personal care, or laundry. You are provided with a detailed handout about our scent policy at your patient intake.
◊  If you arrive with any scent, you will need to leave. We can convert the appointment to a phone appointment, or you will be charged a missed appointment fee.
◊  Medicare does not cover naturopathic physicians. If you are on Medicare you will need to sign a contract that Medicare requires. We will provide you with that contract.
◊  Please note that it is illegal for you to bill Medicare for charges from this office. Naturopathic physicians are not covered in the Medicare system.
◊  Dr Honeyman maintains her DEA number and Medicare does cover prescription medications she writes.
◊  Medicare does not cover any labs tests ordered by naturopathic physicians.

** These rates reflect prompt payment discount for paying the day of your appointment.