Heart Health

There is much more to healthy blood vessels and heart than lowering cholesterol and blood pressure with medications. The health of the endothelium lining the blood vessels has everything to do with our overall health. Vascular endothelium is damaged by inflammation, toxic metals, autoimmune disease, elevated blood sugar. Damage of the blood vessel lining causes vessels to get irritated and stiff whether cholesterol is high or not.
Some of us carry genes that can predispose to abnormal methylation function which in turn raises our risk of getting heart disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, etc. These are not genes that determine specific diseases, but genes that determine how B vitamins are used, how DNA is protected, and how neurotransmitters are made, which in turn affects metabolism, energy production, immune cell production, inflammation, detoxification, and aging. Nutrigenomic testing looks at methylation pathways, or how smoothly cellular metabolism is going. Tests look at genes whose job is protecting our DNA and causing specific gene activity to start and stop. Modifications of eating, sleep, exercise, chemical exposures, targeted nutritional supplements can work around gene variants to reverse or prevent adverse effects like heart and blood vessel disease, cancer, neurological illnesses. In short, finding these gene variants is treatable with natural medicine to prevent onset or slow disease progression.
All of our cells have the same DNA. Even though our cells are microscopic the DNA is 3 meters or the length of a car! The DNA that forms our genes is twisted and coiled to fit into the cell nucleus – think of a super duper twisted phone cord. The twisting means that to get used, specific regions of DNA untwist, get read and used to make proteins, RNA or other cell signaling molecules. Then the DNA is closed and re-twisted. The process of opening, using and closing the DNA is messy and damages the DNA. Epigenetic controls clean up the mess and repair the DNA. Because all of our cells have different appearances, structures, and jobs, the regions of DNA that get used have to be very specific. Epigenetic controls also decide which regions of DNA get opened and read. The process of using our DNA is happening constantly in every cell of our bodies (with the exception of red blood cells which don’t carry DNA at all.) Protecting and repairing DNA can prevent many diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue. Protecting our DNA keeps us healthier as we age.