Patient Info

New Patient Intake form      Please do not come to your appointment wearing clothing cleaned with scented laundry products of any kind.  Please do not come to your appointment wearing any type of scented personal care product. This includes cologne, perfume, essential oils, deodorant, shampoo, cream rinse, soap, hair care products, lotions. Please read our  Policy on Scents before you come here. You may not notice the scents, but chemically sensitive folks get migraine headaches or severe fatigue from smells given off by laundry and personal care product residues. Using scent free products is healthier for you and your family, your brain will thank you!

We charge for missed appointments and cancellations. Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will be charged.

If you need a prescription refill, call your pharmacy and they will fax our office for your prescription.

Dr Honeyman prefers to explain lab results and therapies based on labs during a visit. This allows adequate time for your questions. We do provide copies of lab results.

These handouts provide some of our office policies:   explanation of feesPhone, Email, fax issuestime of service agreement